Bose Sub Woofer

Bose Sub Woofer

bose subwooferThe Bose Corporation was formed in 1964 by Dr. Amar Bose, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was begun with a high level of commitment to research and this philosophy is still a driving force within the company. As with all of their audio products, a Bose subwoofer is a testament to this commitment.

Bose subwoofer systems deliver amongst the best bass response in the industry.  Bose packages their subwoofer systems with additional speakers know as the Acoustimass Systems.

bose car subThe bass subwoofer may be an un-powered type also referred to as un-amplified. This means that this is basically a large diameter speaker designed to handle the low frequencies. This sub should be installed an enclosure with one port. If you’ve ever heard the “thump, thump, thump” sound coming from a car moving down the road, it was using this type of setup.

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The powered or amplified sub woofer is the same sub woofer only within the enclosure there is what is referred to as a mono-block. This mono-block is a one channel amplifier. It includes circuitry that takes only the low frequencies and feeds them into the mono-block which then amplifies this signal and sends it to the sub woofer speaker. There is a certain amount of flexibility as far as where to place the sub due to the fact that low-frequency sound waves are omnidirectional.

The difference between a down-firing and an front-firing sub is significant but will affect the quality of the lows very little. A down firing sub has the cone of the driver mounted on the bottom of the enclosure, while the front-firing in mounted on one of the sides of the cabinet.

A powered sub woofer system is what is recommended, especially if like to control the volume of the bass. A sub woofer generally requires more power to produce the desired sound. If you are not looking to bring the house down, a 100-150 watt amplifier will suffice.The louder the bass, the more the thump thump.

If you are using your sub woofer as part of a home theater system or your home audio system, they will usually have an output specifically for an amplified or un-amplified sub woofer. Low frequency sound waves are very long. This is why a separate driver is necessary. By separating the work load of the low frequencies, and giving the lows to a dedicated driver, you will enjoy the heart pounding thumps and roars that make watching a feature film at home so much fun.

The Bose line of speaker systems are considered to be the cream of the crop. This is equally true of their sub woofer speakers.